We utilize two, proprietary, completely customizable, fully-integrated, dynamic learning and development processes: The IDEA of Learning® and The Coalition Experience®. These processes enhance our capabilities and ensure our effectiveness.

The IDEA of Learning®

"It's often assumed that most learning is the result of teaching and that exploratory, spontaneous learning is unusual. But actually, spontaneous learning is more fundamental." ― Alison Gopnik

The IDEA of Learning® is the action learning process upon which our learning experience model, The Coalition Experience®, is built. It produces transformational opportunities to accelerate and deepen the learning experience. It delivers a robust iterative interface between four interdependent learning phases: Inquire-Discover-Experience-Adapt (IDEA).

The IDEA of Learning® fully integrates established Adult Learning Principles.*

The Coalition Experience®

"It's been my privilege and pleasure to have been part of The Coalition Experience®. I've experienced a renewed sense of purpose both professionally and personally. I'm grateful my company belives in me and everyone here enough to make this very worthwhile investment. We're already seeing the tangible benefits in cooperation, innovation and productivity". ― Senior Manager, Boardwalk Pipelines

The Coalition Experience® is our core transformation model. It offers individuals, teams and organizations the opportunity to undertake an amazing and inspiring journey toward realization of their potential.

Since its inception over 30 years ago and throughout its evolution, The Coalition Experience® has become a gateway to individual and organizational excellence.

The Coalition Experience® is thoughtfully guided, within broadly established parameters, by consultants who have mastered these learning processes and models. Coalition members must be willing to allow their sometimes strongly and longly held beliefs, attitudes, emotions and behaviors to be examined.

The experience is built on two pillars: Common Purpose and Mutual Respect. The intention is to create a constructive, yet challenging learning experience where individual and group transformation can occur.

The Coalition Experience® is also highly effective for developing leaders and candidates for succession to greater responsibilities and roles. It helps leaders find and own their "authentic, personal leadership styles". For leaders to achieve their full potential, they must connect with who they are inside. They must also genuinely connect with others in establishing healthy, robust social and work communities.

The Coalition Experience passionately promotes exploratory, spontaneous learning, and guides leaders through a meaningful, in-depth personal and shared journey of growth. Their emerging leadership styles are then genuine, not "imitations of leadership" based on the styles of other leaders or a theory of leadership.

*Adult Learning Principles

Adult Learning requires important considerations. Our services fully embrace these considerations, along with a robust blend of established, fresh and innovative approaches to the learning experience.

Adult learners are self-directed and autonomous - They actively engage in the learning process, make choices relevant to their learning needs and goals, and direct their learning goals with the guidance of their mentors, coaches and respected peers. They must be able to assess their own abilities and approaches to discover any inadequacies or limitations for themselves.

Adult learners utilize knowledge & life experience - It's important for adults to connect their past experiences and previously gained knowledge with their current experiences, knowledge and circumstances.

Adult learners value relevancy - Adult motivation to learn increases when the relevance of the learning experience connects with their real-life situations and specific needs. If it is clear that the learning experience will directly contribute to achieving their personal learning needs and goals, they will be inspired and motivated to engage and change.

Adult learners focus on practicality - Adult learners need to be able to convert ideas to practical use.

Adult learners thrive in collaborative environments - They gain more value from learning together with others in a positive, encouraging, and challenging environment.

Adult learners must be integral to the development of their learning experience. - Getting feedback from adult learners is vital in gaining their trust and commitment to the learning process.

Adults learners need the opportunity to absorb information, rather than memorize it. - Learning activities such as simulations allow adult learners to immerse themselves into specific activities that enable them to store the information in their long term memory through repetition and experience.

Adult learners tend to be less open-minded and therefore more resistant to change. - Maturity and profound life experiences often lead to some rigidity. Rigidity is an enemy of learning. It's crucial adult learners understand the “why” behind change.

Adult learners learn by choice. - They cannot be coerced to change. They must be inspired to change.

Adult learners need to feel their perspectives matter. - The learning process is made easier when their perspectives of their own experience are accepted as valid, acknowledged as an essential aspect influencing change, and respected as a potential resource for learning.

Adults experience anxiety and ambivalence in their orientation to learning. - While the learning environment should be stimulating, stress acts as a major block to learning.

Adult Learners need space to make mistakes and experiment. - Their learning experience should not demand finalized, correct answers and closure. They need a tolerance for uncertainty, inconsistency, and diversity. They should be encouraged to ask questions, be skeptical, and challenge assumptions.