"I want to share our experience and satisfaction with kellerconsulting® for over 15 years. One of the most important factors in our business can be summed up in a quote from Benjamin Franklin: "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." This has been and continues to be the foundation of the relationship between Air Liquide and kellerconsulting™. We have enjoyed many engagements focusing on the principles of Continuous Improvement, Integration, People Skills, and Operational Excellence."

Throughout the years, Graden Keller and his colleagues have been our trusted thought partners and external sounding boards for many projects and organizational changes. Graden is valued as a true friend, not only to the staff, but also to the company. Graden has a special way of opening up the hearts and minds of those who are willing to learn. Those who will listen and see are greatly rewarded. Graden and his staff make the process fun; all along keeping us aligned with business acumen, and having clear metrics for success.

I personally subscribe to many of the principles of success outlined in the book GOOD TO GREAT, and it has been a pleasure working with Graden and his remarkable staff to realize those principles in building a world-class team of experts and engineers to drive our industrial complex. I look forward to our future of both personal and business growth opportunities."

Global Director ∣ Smart Manufacturing ∣ Air Liquide

"Not very many make a difference in people's lives and clearly you do. Our company is much better for it and this is so appreciated. On a personal note, you have and always help me be a better father to my children (which means everything to me), a better spouse to my wife, a better friend to my friends and hopefully a better leader to our company."

President ∣ Victory Packaging (US, Canada & Mexico)

"You delivered exactly what I needed and more."

Vice Chair ∣ JPMorgan Chase

"As an organization and numerous of us, individually, are much better as managers, leaders and people because of our relationship with you. Your influence on the organization has produced lasting benefits, and I see your guidance and advice as an integral part of our growth as an organization and as an executive and management team. Our work with you has been transformational.

You have taught us that oftentimes in business tough decisions need to be faced and made, and honest communication should be shared. We greatly appreciate and value our engagement with you over the years. Your work has made a difference in our actions. We will continue to praise your services and recommend you to others. Your contribution has been extremely beneficial to the development of the organization and to me as a leader."

Executive Director ∣ San Antonio River Authority

"The group is a buzz following the session this week. I think they really feel like they are empowered and can make things happen. I thought it turned out great. I could tell that some worked last night. This is starting to get a bit frightening, as well as powerful. This is truly a great experience for me to watch such change occur - and cooperatively. When people have a desire to make a difference the power they have is significant.

The managers are trusting each other more and working in unison to accomplish bigger things. This would simply not have happened last year at this time. Another example would be in the way the entire team is dealing with personnel issues. A year ago we hung on to poor performers. The entire culture around this area has changed. Our employees are applauding this transformation! It’s exciting to see all of this happening. We still have some growing to do, but we are really on the cusp of becoming a learning organization."

Senior Vice President ∣ Operations & Engineering ∣ Boardwalk Pipelines

"Your team made our division team-building event the best we have ever had. I continue to hear positive comments months later. I am sure the lessons learned from that event played a big part in our receiving the President's Award for Teamwork. I look forward to more opportunities for us to collaborate."

CIO ∣ Southern Union Company

"Over the past three years your trusted advise and counsel have been invaluable in helping us achieve our goals. I particularly want to thank you for the extraordinary coaching you have provided to the members of the senior management team. Thank you for everything."

CEO ∣ Victory Packaging (US, Canada & Mexico)

"Graden met with our management team over the course of several years. He was always a careful listener and worked hard to help us become a more cohesive team. His individual attention helped me to identify areas of personal strength and strategically work on ways to continue to grow as a leader."

Director ∣ Structured Finance ∣ Treasury Services ∣ JPMorgan Chase

"I've told many colleagues, it is always a pleasure to soak in your insights. I always feel the need to just stop and think about things for a while after spending time with you. I am so glad that it’s all about attitude because that’s the main thing I have going for me. I am always eager to put the tools you provide to work. Thanks for your motivation and leadership to do what needs to be done. Thank you for what you are doing for our company my friend. Your influence has made it a better place to work."

Manager ∣ Operations Control Center ∣ Air Liquide

"Graden, I want to say thank you for the past several years. My recent talk in our Coalition was a tribute to an incredible person from my past; a professor who taught me as a junior engineering student, and made a lasting investment in me as a person. It has been 40 years, and I still remember him - his brilliance in subject matter and his enthusiasm as a teacher. How blessed I was to have had a teacher of such high caliber.

Didn’t plan it that way, but my talk was also a tribute to you. Like him you are a person of great learning, high credentials and have a passion for teaching. I’m not sure if “teaching” would be your word. Many times we have disagreed on terms, but the fact is you have taught me much. You could have been coaching CEOs, but you were spending time with a group of regular men and women from our company. That’s another thing we “disagreed” on. Why would a consultant care so much as to make the required sacrifices in order to invest in the lives of people the way you have with us; people who are not his family and not his close friends?   Thank you for your investment in me. You asked how I have changed from being a part of The Coalition Experience®️. I have greatly benefited, and have indeed changed after being a part of three Coalition Experiences; from the videos, the table talks, and the circles. But I have also changed due to the influence you have had on me personally. You have made so many thought provoking statements, asked so many challenging questions, and shared so many beneficial quotes.  Other times you have very deliberately followed a response of mine with words of insight, encouragement, and challenge. You have taken me aside for one-on-one conversations. I deeply appreciate your personal touch. For so much, I offer my thanks."

Manager Engineering Services ∣ Boardwalk Pipelines

"Your insight and ability to see the big picture really helps me get outside my own head. You give me so much to think about, it is hard for me to take it all in and process it in the short amount of time we have to talk. Thanks for being here."

Director ∣ Fraud Prevention Services ∣ JPMorgan Chase

"Just the two hours we spent over dinner discussing my department, and how I can become a more effective leader; your insight into my employees and how I might differently approach leading them and developing them was worth the entire fee we paid for you to be here this past week."

Director Contracts and Compliance ∣ Chemistry & Chemical Division ∣ Southwest Research Institute

"As you know, we get regular visits from the federal government and receive ongoing scrutiny from many other regulatory/scientific organizations to evaluate our performance. The following is an excerpt from the last report we received from the most important of all our external oversight agencies: "As has been the case during the previous annual reviews, there is evidence in all areas of activities of many best practices being implemented at a level of excellence that is in many cases setting the standard for the industry. Sampling and testing performance is outstanding, field monitoring results are excellent, technology integration is particularly effective, environmental activities are now outstanding, and quality control improvements have been considerable over the past year. The company is particularly open on all issues and focused on continuous improvement in all areas. The workforce is truly outstanding." These sorts of statements are the outcome of the work you and your staff have been doing with us. Our client was so proud when this report came out."

Laboratory Manager ∣ Chemical Weapons Demilitarization (URS) ∣ Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Division ∣ Southwest Research Institute

"As I think back to the beginning of our journey, it is amazing to realize how far we’ve come in such a short time. You have a talent and unique approach to bringing us all together. Your team is excellent."

Executive Vice President ∣ AT&T

"Just wanted to let you know I've been promoted to Corporate SVP and reinstated as a Corporate Officer. You played a big part in helping me turn things around. Thanks for your candor and damn good advice."

Corporate Senior Vice President & Corporate Officer ∣ AT&T

"Facilitation of our session series was nothing short of excellent! Your group knows how to set the stage and to quickly determine the overall nature of the audience. You, in particular, use your skills throughout the sessions to glean quality participation and trust from the participants. You are unassuming and more of an observer, but you apply your skills to help the participants understand and learn from the experiences of the session. Definitely worthwhile."

Director, Financial Services ∣ Fluor

"I have heard nothing but positive feedback from those that participated in the conference last week. It sounds like you were right on target with your insight into what our leaders were requesting and that the conference was exceptionally designed to provide the desired deliverables. Thank you for all that you do to continue to help us grow individually and as a team."

Senior Manager ∣ ExxonMobil

"Thanks to your thoughtful insight and skilled facilitation... we have a good start to transformational change."

Senior Vice President ∣ Lilly

"Please thank everyone at your firm for the great job they did last week. The "strategic dialogue" method was very effective; I certainly understand the difference between discussion and dialogue now! We are moving forward with our strategic action plans and I look forward to our follow-up meeting in two months."

Senior Vice President ∣ BMC Software

"I can look at the behaviors I chose to change, and know that I have been successful in changing them. I delegate very differently now, allowing others to find solutions within a framework which I establish. I am finding it much more natural to be an effective listener. I made a conscious effort when I began this process to build relationships with my peers and I have done that. I am finding ways to bring humor into the work environment ... Wow! Without your guidance these things would not have happened. I am happier and once again enjoy coming to work knowing that what I do everyday is critical to the success of my department, my peers, and the company as a whole. Thank you."

Group Director ∣ USAA

"I just wanted to thank you. As a result of working with kellerconsulting, my management team is a different group of people; communicative, open, and energized. It has invigorated everyone's drive. I don't want to lose the momentum that we have created, so I intend to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I am picking up a copy of Crucial Conversations. If you have any other recommendations for "must reads" let me know. As far as my personal vision goes, I have always been one to create my own internal fire. Thank you for throwing gasoline on it!"

Senior Group Project Manager ∣ IBM

"It was a pleasure to meet you and nice to put a face to a name. Many of our employees are familiar with you and your work and it was nice to see first hand why you are always spoken of with such high regard. Look forward to working with you again, soon."

Senior HR Director ∣ Southern Union Company

"I want to thank you for everything. I was more than a little hesitant about executive coaching, because of some past exposure. This was completely different! I use all you helped me to understand on a daily basis in my current role, and I love who I have become through the growth I have gained through working with you."

Vice President, Finance ∣ KBR