Our Founder

Our journey began in 1977, when Graden Keller founded kellerconsulting™. Graden's consulting experience spans a variety of industries and business settings. His body of work continues to produce many fresh, innovative, and useful solutions to modern organizational challenges. His consulting focus emphasizes the triangulation of Leadership, Strategy and Change to better understand and resolve many modern organizational challenges.

In addition to consulting, Graden has owned and led several successful business ventures. As a result, he intimately understands both the strategic and operational challenges that accompany bottom-line accountability. He has also served on the Board of Directors and as the Senior Program Designer of a successful Training & Development company specializing in providing innovative, custom-built, action-learning programs to many Fortune 500 companies, including Shell Oil Company’s Corporate Learning Center.

Along with a cadre of exceptional professionals, Graden has spearheaded numerous, successful change and development initiatives. His special area of consulting interest lies in working with leaders and organizations facing tough, complex business situations that require practical, thoughtful analysis and commitment to action. His work with leis kind of feedbqack:aders, organizations, teams and individuals has led to many transformative breakthroughs.