The Coalition Experience®

The Coalition Experience® is one of our key transformation tools. It offers individuals, teams and organizations the opportunity to undertake an amazing and inspiring journey toward realization of their vision, fulfillment of their mission and achievement of their potential. Since its inception 30 years ago and throughout its evolution, The Coalition Experience® has become a gateway to individual and organizational excellence.

The Coalition Experience® is thoughtfully guided, within broadly established parameters, by consultants who have mastered these learning processes and models. Coalition members must be willing to allow their sometimes strongly and longly held beliefs, attitudes, emotions and behaviors to be examined. The experience is built on two pillars: Common Purpose and Mutual Respect. The intention is to create a constructive, but challenging learning experience where individual and group transformation can occur. One key mechanism for achieving this transformation utilizes an iterative interface between four interdependent learning phases: Inspiration, Discovery, Experience and Adaptation. We call this integrated process The IDEA of Learning™.

The Coalition Experience® is also highly effective for developing leaders and candidates for succession to greater responsibilities and roles. It helps leaders find and own their "authentic, personal leadership styles". For leaders to achieve their full potential, they must connect with who they are inside, with their purpose, and their guiding principles. They must also genuinely connect with others in establishing robust social and work communities.

The Coalition Experience® guides leaders through a meaningful, in-depth personal and shared journey of inspiration, discovery, experience and adaptation. Their emerging leadership styles are then genuine, not "imitations of leadership" based on the styles of other leaders or a theory of leadership.

The Coalition Experience® fully embraces Adult Learning strategies and principles in all of its applications.