Our journey began in 1977, when Graden Keller founded kellerconsulting™. Graden's consulting experience spans a variety of industries and business settings. His body of work continues to produce many fresh, innovative, and useful solutions to modern organizational challenges. His consulting focus emphasizes the triangulation of Leadership, Strategy and Change to better understand and resolve many modern organizational challenges.

In addition to consulting, Graden has owned and led several successful business ventures. As a result, he intimately understands both the strategic and operational challenges that accompany bottom-line accountability. He has also served on the Board of Directors and as the Senior Program Designer of a successful Training & Development company specializing in providing innovative, custom-built, action-learning programs to many Fortune 500 companies, including Shell Oil Company’s Corporate Learning Center.

Along with a cadre of exceptional professionals, Graden has spearheaded numerous, successful change and development initiatives. His special area of consulting interest lies in working with leaders and organizations facing tough, complex business situations that require practical, thoughtful analysis and commitment to action. His work with leaders, organizations, teams and individuals has led to many transformative breakthroughs.

This kind of feedback to Graden is not unusual:


I want to say thank you for the past several years. My recent talk in our Coalition was a tribute to an incredible person from my past; a professor who taught me as a junior engineering student, and made a lasting investment in me as a person. It has been 40 years, and I still remember him - his brilliance in subject matter and his enthusiasm as a teacher. How blessed I was to have had a teacher of such high caliber.

Didn’t plan it that way, but my talk was also a tribute to you. Like him you are a person of great learning, high credentials and have a passion for teaching. I’m not sure if “teaching” would be your word. Many times we have disagreed on terms, but the fact is you have taught me much. You could have been coaching CEOs, but you were spending time with a group of regular men and women from our company. That’s another thing we “disagreed” on. Why would a consultant care so much as to make the required sacrifices in order to invest in the lives of people the way you have with us; people who are not his family and not his close friends?   Thank you for your investment in me. You asked how I have changed from being a part of The Coalition Experience®️. I have greatly benefited, and have indeed changed after being a part of three Coalition Experiences; from the videos, the table talks, and the circles. But I have also changed due to the influence you have had on me personally. You have made so many thought provoking statements, asked so many challenging questions, and shared so many beneficial quotes.  Other times you have very deliberately followed a response of mine with words of insight, encouragement, and challenge. You have taken me aside for one-on-one conversations. I deeply appreciate your personal touch. For so much, I offer my thanks.

Keith Howell, Manager Engineering Services ∣ Boardwalk Pipelines